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Choosing the right method of watering and the right watering tool can make a difference in how your indoor garden grows.

Our dendrobem Orchid is potted up in chunky bark, so every week or so I take it to the kitchen sink, set the pot in a dish of water and let it sit for an hour or two. Next its placed on rack for a couple of hours to drain.

A small watering can with a long thin spout is the best for those who grow African violets or other house plants in small pots. The thin spout controls the water flow preventing gushing that floods and overflows the pots. The tiny diameter of the spout also makes it easy to reach under the leaves of African violets and water at soil level. Water splashed on the leaves disfigures the plants by leaving behind permenant water marks.

For those who water larger plants the new Pour and Store watering can from OXO is a real winner. Made of lightweight plastic and available in six colors this OXO watering can is both well balanced and handsomely styled. But what really sets it apart from others is its 360-degree swiveling spout that makes it easy to fill and store because there is no protrusion to get in the way.  Also, facing the spout inward prevents water from sloshing out of container when carrying a full can of water from sink to plant.

Available in three sizes, priced from $9.99 to $24.99, they can be purchased at most independent garden centers or at OXO International (800) 545-44ll : www.oxo.com.

If you’re on the go, consider investing in an Oasis, the self watering system by Claber  (www.Claber.com) that waters your plants automatically for up to 40 days and takes just minutes to set up.

This drip irrigation system is a freestanding unit with a built in pump that runs for an entire year on a single 9-volt battery, so there are no worries should there be a power outage.

This versatile product offers 4 different irrigation programs that, depending on the size, will water up to twenty plants.  Plan to be gone a long time?  Simply have a friend or relative refill the reservoir and your good for another month and a half.

The Oasis is also be the perfect solution for folks who love indoor plants but can’t keep up with the chore of watering. The 6.6-gallon capacity container, will not stick out like a sore thumb. With a suggested retail price of $120, the Oasis is available at English Gardens, Plymouth Nursery and Van Atas.  It can also be ordered online from the Rittenhouse garden catalog: www.rittenhouse.ca (877) 488-1914.


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Some of the plants I bring indoors for the winter look a little the worse for wear about now so I’m always on the lookout for ways to perk them up.

When plants are dug from the garden they can lose 50 percent or more of their root mass. And these roots contain tiny root hairs plants need to take up water and nutrients.

Also, containers restrict the flow of oxygen through the soil, which is why many newly potted plants make a slow recovery, or just up and die. Lack of oxygen in the soil is also the reason many plants fail to reach the size and quality of those grown in open soil. Also, as the root systems of potted plants increases, the air spaces in the potting soil are depleted.

No amount of fertilizing can make up for this loss of oxygen and feeding a plant at this time of the year can do more harm than good.

But the good news is there’s new technology that’s eco-friendly and chemical free which super-oxygenates ordinary tap water that helps stimulate the roots of plants so they can make a good recovery and thrive.

The Enki Watering System is an attractive one-gallon lightweight watering can fitted with a metal plate that when electrified produces millions of tiny oxygen bubbles that super saturates water.

Plain tap water averages between 30 to 40percent oxygen saturation but the Enki helps the water reach 150 percent oxygen saturation.

Enki Water Oxygenating Watering Can

Making super oxygenated water with the Enki is a snap. There’s nothing to add, no measuring and no mixing. Simply fill the watering can with tap water and plug it in. Almost instantly the water begins fizzing. The whole process takes but 5 minutes and a built in light turns from red to green when it’s ready. But you needn’t baby-sit the unit. Left to it’s own devices the Enki will continue to oxygenate for 30 minutes and automatically shut off. The water remains super oxygenated for about 3 hours so if you don’t use it right away it won’t “spoil. ”

When Enki water was tested at the University of Minnesota, petunias created 28 percent more flowers, geraniums had 76 percent more flower weight; pepper plants had a 58 percent better yield, and tomato plants yielded 22 percent more tomatoes. According to Dr. Albert Markhart, plant physiologist at the University of Minnesota’s Department of Agriculture, testing with Enki’s super oxygenated water showed improvements in a variety of container grown plants where soil oxygen is limited.

The Enki Watering System,  priced at $99.99  is available in metro Detroit at English Gardens. It may also be purchased on-line from Rittenhouse at www.rittenhouse.ca , 877-488-1914.

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